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Safety Imprints  L O V E S  the Holidays

We’ll keep you warm, customized, and most importantly, SAFE.

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Thankful For Safety

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Thanksgiving is Thursday, prepare to feast!

But first, get your end of year safety gear!

So much has been conquered this year, here at the All Sport Printing warehouse. We’ve seen our company grow and wouldn’t have been able to do it without every single customer! We as a team put a little more love in every shirt during the holidays, we are a family and our clients are our guests.


The Safety Imprints Family

Reminder: Store will be closed for Thanksgiving 11/22-11/25

Another year means another snow season coming soon! Don’t let the frost sneak up and bite you! Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the chill…


  1. Check the weather. We all have smart phones nowadays, check the weekly forecast. Don’t get caught without your hat and gloves!
  2. Familiarize yourself with your zone! This area gets a little flooded? Probably has ice. Don’t slip!
  3. Make sure not to overwork it. The cold gets comfortable, but before you know it your figures are getting bit by that frost!
  4. Also, take break somewhere cozy and comfortable. Take those wet socks off for a dry before you lose a toe or two.
  5. Buy some warm gear! Customize it for your crew too! I know just the source…


Thanks for reading ~ Sara Jo the COO


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With this record breaking cold front sweeping the country, we here at SafetyImprints would like to remind everyone about the need to be safe this winter. Checking the weather for the day is a must to make sure you are prepared for anything temperature that mother nature throws your way! Bundle up with as many layers as you need, and make sure your work uniform fits safety code for exposure to the elements. Check out our stock of winter wear at www.safetyimprints.com

Jackets, windbreakers, hats, and gloves are a must this season, especially when you consider that parts of the mainland americas have been colder than MARS this week!!

Check out these safety tips for driving safe this winter:

Road Icing: Safety Tips to Remember



THINK SAFETYSafety Imprints - Making Safety Look Good!

From all of us at SAFETYIMPRINTS stay safe!!

~Michelle P.


How do you think about work place safety? Is it a priority? Is it inconvenient? Is it a hassle? Is it a serious topic of conversation in your work place?  We at SafetyImprints believe in safety, and we want you to think about WHERE safety starts. Does it start when you clock in? Does it STOP when you clock out? Many people seem to believe it is only something you are conscious of when the “Boss” is around, but this is so far from the truth. YOUR safety is in your hands everyday, from the minute you wake up to the next morning. Your decisions affect your health and wellbeing each and every minute, and sometimes staying safe is as easy as asking yourself, “can ‘this’ go wrong?”

If the answer is yes, then taking preventative steps to mitigate the danger is exactly what Safety protocol is for. Remember, your safety is in your hands. It is rooted in the decisions you make each and every day. So, please, Stay Safe out there.

~Michelle Pinard

Eye Safety for Work and Fun

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Hello everyone, today is the day, I’m sure we’ve all heard about the North American full solar eclipse that is happening this morning/afternoon! in light of this (enjoy that sun pun) we at SafetyImprints would like to remind everyone to be safe during this gorgeous celestial event by wearing proper eye protection. Even looking at the sun for a few seconds can cause severe permanent damage. Remember to stay safe out there!

Thank you and have a great day!!

THINK SAFETYSafety Imprints - Making Safety Look Good!

~Michelle P

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THINK SAFETYSafety Imprints - Making Safety Look Good!

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~Michelle Pinard